Season 1

Episode 1: And So it Begins (Aired 2/3/21)

Episode 2: 2 NerdyBirds are going to copyright butts (Aired 2/16/21)

Episode 3: Wren and Jade go streaking (Aired 3/6/21)

Episode 4: How to play an RPG, and other things WandaVision got right *wink* (Aired 3/18/21)

Episode 5: The Supernatural Journey (Aired 4/8/21)

Episode 6: Fight Night (Aired 4/17/21)

Episode 7: Falcon and Winter Soldier thoughts and Our Favorite Pokemon (Aired 5/12/21)

Episode 9: Paradise Killer First Impressions, Independent Games Festival Preview (Aired 6/4/21)

Season Finale: The End of Our Supernatural Dive ft. Special Guest: TacoBoutMarie (Aired 8/4/21)