2NB Review: Snake Force

Snake Force Cover

Do you want to shoot enemies, save your bros, and become John Wick for the low, low price of free? Of course you do. You’re not stupid. Snake Force by Team Soda is a top-down shooter offering a fun time, inspired by the simple game Snake wherein the player grows their chain and avoids death. 

In Snake Force, the player starts off as one hero on a mission to save bros and kill enemies. The more bros the player collects, the more firepower for explosions and enemies. Sounds easy, right? Just remember this is Snake Force. The only formation your bros know is snake formation. Therefore, the longer the lineup, the more likely the bros will shoot each other. 

The player can choose to turn off friendly fire at the expense of missing out on achievements. With friendly fire activated, aiming to shoot from the broadside of the snake prevents bro deaths. Shoot straight ahead and the bro line up turns into a deadly pile. Leaving bros behind for a shorter snake can be the better strategic decision in some situations. 

Snake Force is made of six levels. Each level in the game adds a new variable to the obstacle course such as ramped balance beams, repulsors that launch bros into the sky, and explosive barrels while requiring a specific number of bros to reach the finish line in the allotted time. Objectives for each level are specified on the obstacle course itself and are fast-paced with a short time limit

Once the player finishes the base game with their bros, Badass mode is unlocked and John Wick becomes an unlockable character option. Wick’s weapon must be reloaded, unlike the starting character, making the character’s attacks slower. Finish Badass mode alone without bros and FPS mode is then unlocked. FPS mode contains the same obstacle courses as the base game and Badass mode but in first-person perspective and with the addition of a red enemy boss. After defeating the red enemy boss, it then becomes a playable character with rapid fire-like missiles that shoot directly from its hands. Despite the short playtime, the different obstacle courses for each level, the unlockable modes, and the unlockable characters give the player something to work towards. 

I found the top-down shooter aspect of the base game quite fun as I tried to avoid shooting myself in the back of the head and keep my bros from getting shot by enemies. The game is quite challenging the longer the chain of bros becomes. However, in Badass mode, the player must go it alone without bros and the levels only contain enemies. The gameplay loses some of its challenge in Badass mode without a snake of bros behind the player. Disappointingly, there is no increase in enemy attack damage and obstacle difficulty in Badass mode.

Snake Force manages to provide a surprisingly exceptional amount of achievements for a short game. Fortunately, the achievements are not ridiculously out of reach for the player either. I played Snake Force on stream with my partner up to unlocking FPS mode and obtained 18/25 achievements. My partner, the better player at Snake Force, finished all modes and 100% achievements in about four hours.

According to the developers on Steam, Snake Force started as a personal project created in 48 hours, and I’m happy Team Soda recently found the motivation to refine the game. Snake Force is different from what I normally play but my experience with the game has been a blast. The game has piqued my interest in a yet-to-be-released game by Team Soda called Soda Crisis. I look forward to seeing more from this developer in the future. 

Thank you to The Indie Game Collective for bringing the game to my attention. It’s been fun showcasing Snake Force. The game can be found on Steam for PC. Snake Force is a definite recommendation and the amazing part is the game is free!


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